Windmill, Amsterdam

10D Tulips & Windmills

Destination Climax
Amsterdam Canal


See beautiful Amsterdam via a canal cruise and then choose between the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum. Or take a guided stroll through the heart of Amsterdam's canal district to the Museum Van Loon, a wonderfully restored 17th-century canal house. In the evening, enjoy a Captain's Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner

Keukenhof Gardens, Haarlem

Amsterdam (Haarlem)

Your senses will be in for a treat as you visit the Keukenhof Gardens, a seventy-acre showcase of over seven million flowers. Or, visit the charming and lively historic city of Haarlem.

Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Hoorn (Enkhuizen)

Your guide will explain the markings on medieval buildings that denote the former inhabitants' trades. Enkhuizen, home to the reconstructed 19th-century village of Zuiderzee lets you see how life was lived in a busy fishing port over a century ago. You can also enjoy one of the ship's complimentary bicycles and bike around City Ring, an earthen dike.

Nijmegen (Groesbeek or Nuenen)

The oldest city in the Netherlands, is your launching point for one of two adventures. You may choose to head to the National Liberation Museum in nearby Groesbeek and get an eye-opening view of WWII. Or opt instead to learn about Van Gogh's years in the village of Nuenen, where he created the character studies that became The Potato Eaters.

Rotterdam, Kinderdijk, Dordrecht

Cruise through busy Rotterdam harbor, the third largest port in the world, and explore the city on your own in the morning. Then sail to Kinderdijk, where you'll discover 19 astonishingly well- preserved, UNESCO-designated windmills dating back to the 1500s.

Delta Works, Veere


Enjoy a visit to the engineering marvel known as the Delta Works, where you'll learn about the Netherlands' two-thousand-year-long fight to hold back the sea. You'll also have a few hours to explore the charms of Veere and its cozy harbor. Then you can relax onboard as the ship cruises the picturesque Zeeland area.

Ghent (Bruges or Ghent)

Visit Bruges, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, seeing its handsome old brick buildings from the water. Or explore Ghent, one of the oldest cities in Belgium, with a history dating back to the Stone Age.


Walk with your guide to the Cathedral of Our Lady, which houses four masterpieces by Peter Paul Rubens. Or, experience Antwerp"as the locals do." Catch a metro to the beautiful and historic central station and then walk to the main shopping district, You'll also have a chance to visit a frietkot to savour one of Belgium's iconic foods - French fries, a Belgian invention.. In the evening, enjoy a Captain's Farewell Reception and Gala Dinner.